KABOOM! – America Just Rendered It’s Own VERDICT On Hillary Clinton…She Isn’t Going To Like It!

Regardless of their political leanings, most Americans agree former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is in hot water. We all watched FBI Director James Comey clearly explain how see and her aids broke numerous laws and rules when setting up her private email server. He went on to clearly detail how Hillary lied about sending classified emails, when he listed the many Top Secret and classified documents that were transmitted by her.

Yet despite the overwhelming evidence, cowardly Comey refused to recommend charges. Crimes that would put most people–even people in power–in jail, just seemed to bounce off Crooked Hillary.

Most of America knows this, even liberals. No one should be above the law. And while the FBI failed to do its job, the repercussions of Hillary’s behavior will be felt for a long time to come, especially in November.

From Independent Journal:

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday, a majority of Americans, 56%, disapprove of the FBI’s decision. Only 35% approve.

Voters are also anticipating trouble with Clinton in the future. For 57% of Americans polled, Clinton’s use of a private email server makes them “worried” about what the presumptive Democratic Party nominee will do if she is elected president.

You have to wonder about that 35 percent. Did ABC question children? Were they mentally handicapped? Perhaps they didn’t even know about the investigation. Either way a large majority of Americans disapprove the FBI’s decision, asserting that criminal action should have been taken.

According to the poll, Republicans disapprove of the FBI’s decision and worry about what Clinton will do as president with near unanimity at nearly 90%. About 60% of Independents agree.

That’s a large number of Independents. It could suggest that the majority of swing voters will not support the Democratic nominee come November.

This is a sign that, besides dyed-in-the-wool Democrats, many Americans simply do not trust Hillary Clinton. Since her time as first lady she has distinguished herself as an unlikable, manipulative, and untrustworthy person. Hell, even Hillary agrees.

Speaking to a friendly crowd in Chicago the week before Comey’s announcement, Clinton said:

“I personally know I have work to do on this front; a lot of people tell pollsters they don’t trust me. It is certainly true I have made mistakes. So I understand people having questions.”

Unless she is able to have a complete personality replacement, she’ll never change the public’s opinion of her.

Source: Independent Journal

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