America Spoke…Clinton Can Thank THIS Person For Her Loss!


We’ve seen something like this in every headline about the Election 2016 results.

Why? Why is it so hard to conceive that Trump won? We get it media, you really wanted and thought Clinton would win. But, why are you surprised?

You had the information at your fingertips to know otherwise, as people continually spoke out as to what they hoped for in this election. Yet, you just pushed your agenda forward and ignored America’s dreams.

Well, just in case you forgot or want a brief reminder of what happened, here’s another look at what pushed people to Trump. And one thing is for sure, it had to do with the results of your darling baby’s past eight years.

As Thomson Reuters reports:

Fed up with Washington and feeling left behind, supporters of Republican Donald Trump upended the U.S. presidential race, electing a political newcomer they say offers the country a shot at dramatic change.

Once dismissed by Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as “deplorables,” supporters interviewed on Tuesday shrugged off his late-night tweeted insults, allegations against him of sexual misconduct and dire warnings from many in the Republican establishment that the businessman-turned-reality-television-star would throw U.S. economic and foreign policy into disarray..

“The freedom-loving Americans pushed back against the elites and the globalists. They might win in the long run, but we’re not dead yet,” said Andrew Dye, 48, of Dexter, Michigan…

Cuban-American Sarah Gird, 67, described herself as an independent who had felt let down after twice voting for Democratic President Barack Obama.

“I’m not conservative at all,” she said. But Obama “didn’t produce anything.” In contrast, she said she trusted Trump would fix the economy.

“I think he’s sincere, he’s truthful, he means what he says,” said Gird, adding she thought Trump would address poverty and jobs in African-American neighborhoods.

Beyond wanting change and fresh blood, voters wanted nothing more to move beyond Clintongate.

Further in the report: For many, the vote was a rejection of Clinton, whose use of a private email server during her time in government came to symbolize what is wrong with Washington.

“All the corruption. I’m tired of business as usual, being sold out all these years,” said Kevin Barrett, 57, in Nashville.

Take note, lefty journalists. Pay attention. Maybe next election we won’t see the same stunning words plastered on every headline.

Source: Thomson Reuters

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