BREAKING: American DEAD In London Rampage…Her Surprising Identity Revealed!

Terror continues to strike our world, and whether it stems from radical Islam, mental illness, or any number of other sources, it is fitting to take time to grieve. To celebrate life.

It is not usual for our journal to take a moment for this, but there are unique situations like these that give us an opportunity where one American has been lost to terror and can be commemorated by fellow Americans. It could have been any of us, or any decent American we know.  In fact, you may know her.

And so tonight, after learning the victim of a brutal knife attack in London was an American wife and mother, and not knowing what the motives were for now, just take a moment to learn what happened to this woman and who she was. From the Tallahassee Democrat:

Darlene Horton, the happy woman with the magnetic personality, never made it to the hospital. She died after at the scene after paramedics tried to save her. Two women and three men – another American, an Australian and citizens of Israel and England – also were injured in the attack Scotland Yard says was carried out by a knife-wielding 19-year-old Norwegian national of Somalian origin.

The random, brutal killing of 64-year-old Horton devastated those who knew her. Many friends were too bereft to talk about her passing.

636059226370953778-Horton.jpg Floral tributes rest against railings Thursday Aug.

She was a woman who devoted her life to education and family.

Darlene Horton loved the game of tennis. The retired special education teacher adored her husband, Florida State psychology professor Rick Wagner, and their grown kids. She cherished the time she was able to spend with him, teaching overseas in the university’s summer program.

Horton and Wagner are admired in the psychology and education world. Their philanthropic efforts, which extended to the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Foundation, Opening Nights and Humane Society did not surprise friends.

Wagner and Horton were devoted to the study abroad program and had been traveling overseas for several years, Kistner said.

It’s important when people are lost in tragedies not to make the biggest story-line the policy that failed, or the number of dead.  These are all important things, but to know the people who are lost, to make that emotional connection—this will drive good and decent Americans to do what is best to keep things like this from happening, as much as it is in their power.  They will get out the vote for the best candidate, they will cherish their communities, and they will fight to keep our homeland free and safe.

Source: Tallahassee Democrat

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