SHOCK CLAIM: REVOLUTION?…Top Politico Predicts REVOLT If Establishment Steals Nominations

As the race for Presidential nominee tightens, pundits are wondering just who will come out on top.  Although Donald Trump is currently the leader, Ted Cruz is close.

But if neither wins the necessary votes to cinch the nomination, it may come down to the GOP to select the candidate.

And if that happens, it’ll be disastrous.

Pat Caddell, a political strategist and host of Political Insider, speculated on the possible outcome.

He discussed how in both parties, outsiders are gaining traction with voters.  These outsiders are a major threat to the established political system and the Establishment just might push back.

The Establishment in this country, which the American people, in both parties, and independents — I mean, 70, 80 percent and more — despise and dislike … you know, they are in bed together because they have a very corrupt and cozy relationship,” said Caddell. “And the American people, particularly in the Republican Party, want that stopped.

He goes on to talk about the widening disparity between the Washington establishment and the American people.  The popularity of outsiders like Trump and Sanders is a clear sign that voters are tired of this cozy group of politicians.  We want to shake things up in D.C., but they refuse to acknowledge this.

“They do not grasp what’s going on in this country, the revolution that is at work,” he declared.  “And the American people are not to be mocked, the way some of these people think.

Caddell said he agreed with commentators such as Newt Gingrich, who said it would be suicidal for the Republican Party to cast aside its two top primary competitors in favor of some 11th-hour replacement candidate, especially after so many establishment figures decided to rally behind Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as a “catspaw” to deny Donald Trump the delegates he needs.

It still remains to be seen how the GOP will respond to the primaries.  Will they dismiss Trump or Cruz if they fail to get the delegates?  Will an 11th hour replacement happen?  If it does, it won’t go well for the Republicans.

Caddell predicted that if the two party establishments override their primary voters, sweeping aside popular candidates to install their own choices, there would be a “revolt” among the American people, because “it’s all been exposed to them, how rigged the system is.

The best way for the GOP to convince voters it’s not a rigged system, is to accept the candidate who earns the majority of the delegates.  Although that sounds like the most simple and obvious solution, it stands to threaten the Washington Republican’s seat of power.

But if they do deny the will of the voters, they will all but give this election to the Democrats.

Source: Breitbart

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