Breaking: America’s Closest Ally Takes Trump’s Advice…Builds Their Own Great Wall

It is so ironic that president Obama lauds his multiculturalism and “tolerance” policy while defaming Americans who are deeply concerned about refugees and the terrorist problems his policy is causing and not just here in America.

Western European leaders are making the same stupid mistakes in thinking Muslims who make a point of NOT assimilating into societies they immigrate to, will assimilate now. At least that’s what western leaders are telling their citizenry.

It’s like bringing a Grizzly Bear into the house and telling your family to be patient while the bear acclimates itself to the new surroundings. Meanwhile, the bear is busy eating the family members and destroying the furniture.

Great Britain is neck deep in their own “refugee” problems and in order to stem the tide of invading hordes of Muslims trying to get from France into the UK, they are now having to build a wall. That’s the irony, since president Obama just stood before the UN General Assembly and said the world doesn’t need to build any walls.

According to Breitbart London:

 The wall is designed to keep migrants from the nearby ‘Jungle’ migrant camp from attacking and stopping traffic as they attempt to board lorries and cars to make clandestine entries to the UK.

The population of the ‘Jungle’ camp has recently surged to more than 10,000 and the number of violent incidents has shot up as migrants become more desperate and audacious in their attempt to enter the UK.

As could be expected the British leftists are decrying the rise of “Trumpism” in the UK:

Following the announcement, left-wingers in Britain reacted in horror, with Labour and Green party Members of Parliament (MPs) comparing it to the policy proposals of American Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.


What is glaringly obvious is the way leftists are always trying to show how foolishly tolerant they are of the ones they should have no tolerance for. Namely, the people who want to supplant them. As long as the ones being threatened aren’t the leftist leadership, then everything is fine. It’s only when the knife is being held at THEIR throats that they realize the dangers.

Source: Breitbart

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