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Another Day, Another National Poll…Clinton Campaign In FULL FREAK-OUT Over This!
By PJ Editor|July 15, 2016

Wow! Every day is a new poll showing that Donald Trump has all of the momentum.

With the announcement of Mike Pence and the Republican National Convention due to kick off on Monday, these numbers should only grow.

The Clinton campaign is clearly in a shear panic. Congressional Democrats are pressing them on what they are going to do to slow Trump down. Earlier today Clinton ally John Podesta sent an unhinged tweet trying to deflate the Pence decision.

The LA Times have the details of this new national poll…

…a new survey that begins publication Friday, marks a significant shift in a race that most polls indicated Clinton has led since mid-May.

It comes amid a flurry of other surveys, both nationally and in battleground states, that show support for the former secretary of State declining since last week when FBI Director James B. Comey characterized her handling of classified material while in that office as “extremely careless.”

America seems to have rendered it’s verdict on Servergate, even if the FBI got it wrong. The specifics prove just how weak Clinton has become…

In the new tracking poll, through Thursday night, Trump led Clinton 43% to 40%. That’s within the poll’s margin of error of 3 points in either direction, meaning the apparent lead could be the result of chance.

The poll shows big gaps along the lines of race, gender, age and education that have surfaced consistently during the campaign. Through Thursday’s results, Trump led among men, 47%  to 36%, while Clinton had a smaller, 41%-34% edge among women. Trump led among voters 45 and older, Clinton among those younger.

Some of Trump’s strongest support comes from white voters who have not graduated from college, among whom he led 53% to 24%.

Source: LA Times

PJ Editor
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