WHOA – Anti-Hillary Gear FLYING Off The Shelves…Trump Gear Is…

If you’re already sick of hearing about polls, here’s another way to gauge which presidential candidate is really in the lead.

A major online merchandiser that specializes in funny, sometimes politically themed t-shirts and other swag says one side is outselling the other by a spectacular margin.

Because these unofficial Republican and Democratic-themed products are designed by ordinary site users themselves, these sales figures provide a fascinating glimpse into genuine grassroots sentiments.

Breitbart reports:

While some polls after the Republican and Democratic conventions show Donald Trump tied with Hillary Clinton, internet retailer CafePress claims it can accurately track the electorate’s mood with its large consumer base — and customers appear to be decidedly anti-Hillary.

Anti-Hillary merchandise outsells anti-Trump merchandise by a staggering 814.88 percent. (…) Anti-Hillary gear also outsells pro-Trump products. Given that Trump supporters are chased, beaten, and intimidated for showing their support in public, the pro-Trump sentiment could be suppressed.

“That’s the energized vote bank that’s going to show up on Election Day. That’s the most passionate part of the population,” said CEO Fred Durham. “They’re all going to the polls. You buy stuff, you’re actually going to vote.”

CafePress has been around through many presidential election cycles, so presumably the company’s boss knows what he’s talking about.

Source: Breitbart

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