EXPOSED: Anti-Trump Protesters Have One STUNNING Thing In Common! They Forgot To…

With all of the protesting and violence occurring over the election of Donald Trump as our 45th president, at least the protesters have a vested interest in what went down on November 8th…right?

Well this post-election mess just seems to get more bizarre. We’ve heard news stories that Hillary’s campaign hired some goons to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies and tried to instigate violent confrontations with his supporters that could make the nightly news and cast a dark shadow of controversy over them.

When a Portland, Oregon protest resulted in the arrest of about 112 anti-Trump protesters, they discovered some surprising facts about them. Facts that would make anyone with common sense wonder why they were out there in the first place.

From the Independent Journal Review:

 Local NBC affiliate KGW-TV compiled a list of names and ages of the people arrested and then compared it to the state’s voter logs.

Here’s what the news investigation uncovered:

Records show 34 of the protesters arrested didn’t return a ballot for the November 8 election. Thirty-five of the demonstrators taken into custody weren’t registered to vote in Oregon.

Twenty-five protesters who were arrested did vote.

KGW is still working to verify voting records for the remaining 17 protesters who were arrested.

And here’s the kicker:

While it’s possible some of the 35 arrested protesters who weren’t registered to vote in Oregon may have voted in other states, the data also suggests a percentage of the protesters were outside agitators.

It’s also possible the majority of the protesters arrested didn’t vote at all in the election they’re protesting.

So, more than likely, they were paid to protest! Hmm, who is it we’ve heard of lately that has supposedly paid agitators to riot and burn stuff? ………….George Soros, maybe?

Just as an aside here; in every country that has fallen to communism in the last 100 years, this is EXACTLY how they did it. By using paid agitators to foment unrest, violence and desperation in the minds of the public so that the public will beg the government to step in and stop it. And what do they end up with? ….Communism! …..We are being duped America!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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