SHOCK: Anti-Trump War Room Exposed…Look Who’s Heading It Up!

The Center for American Progress was one of those heavily funded left wing “think tanks” that hounded George W. Bush for the entire eight years of his presidency.

We haven’t heard much from them lately of course, but with another Republican poised to enter the White House, the Center is suddenly back in the news.

At Politico, Gabriel Debenedetti reports that the CAP is relaunching its anti-Republican, anti-conservative “war room,” and one familiar name has been added to their roster:

Looking to build itself into a nerve center for the anti-Donald Trump resistance, the liberal Center for American Progress think tank is relaunching its advocacy-focused arm Thursday and bringing on a longtime senior aide to Sen. Harry Reid to help lead the charge. (…)

Now, the group will be hiring researchers as it promotes its Trump transition tracker, which is intended to “empower readers and users to oppose Trump nominees” by informing them about activities that are being organized to stand in the way of appointments, explained Action Fund Deputy Director Igor Volsky.

Its website — separate from CAP’s ThinkProgress news blog that has grown 33 percent in circulation since Trump’s win — will also track Trump’s conflicts of interest and will include resources like petitions and tools allowing readers to send messages to relevant elected officials.

It’s hard to understand why they or anyone would bring an old fossil like Harry Reid on board. While Trump looks to the future, once again we see so-called “progressives” clinging to the past.

Source: Politico

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