WHOA! Police Chief Permitted Trump Supporters To Be Beaten…Now We Know Why! [DISGUSTING]

It’s no secret that the left are scared of Donald Trump.

He defied the odds and proved pundits wrong by beating out every GOP rival to clinch the nomination.

He’s soon to cause significant damage to the Democrats when he wins the White House. Because liberals cannot beat Trump in a fair fight, they’ve resorted to pathetic bully tactics.

Riots and violent protests have been going on outside numerous Trump rallies. These haven’t been coordinated by concerned citizens (no they tend to act responsibly) but by liberal organizations who are paying thugs to cause trouble. The riots have caused plenty of property damage and risked the safety of rally attendees and police.

Police forces have come out to protect Trump supporters and anyone else caught among the madness. But new reports have exposed one particular cop, who instead of protecting Americans, allowed dangerous rioters to attack and beat them.

From Conservative Tribune:

The controversial San Jose, California, police chief who admitted that he kept his officers in formation instead of protecting Donald Trump supporters during a rally in San Jose last week has been linked with a Hispanic extremist organization that has openly denounced the presumed Republican presidential nominee on numerous occasions.

“We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protesters,” Chief Garcia told reporters.

He said that unless the riot was “spiraling out of control,” he preferred to keep the skirmish line.

However, the chief’s impartiality was called into question when it was revealed he had been involved with the National Council of La Raza, a far left Hispanic organization whose supporters have frequently clashed with Trump.

This serious conflict of interest allowed rioters to inflict harm on Trump supporters. In one instance a man’s clothes were ripped off while others smashed up a car.

Call me crazy, but it’s the police’s job to prevent this sort of thing from happening. The fact that all this happened while Garcia just stood by, screams of his indifference and bias. A man like that does not deserve his position of power.

Chief Garcia and the San Jose Police Department also issued a ludicrous statement saying that they “had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight (sic) the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”

More violent behavior? What did the rioters have to do, blow up a building? This is gross prejudice at its worst. Garcia must step down from office or be forced to do so. San Jose and the rest of our country, deserves better leadership than this.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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