WHOA! AP Just Broke A HUGE Story On Hillary…This Could END HER!

It’s becoming impossible to keep track of every Hillary Clinton scandal.

The danger is that there are so many of them, voters will be numb by the time November rolls around and will vote for her anyhow.

Conservative news outlets will certainly be beating these drums up until election day, but the latest cover up is being investigated and reported by a source that liberals can’t just dismiss as “right wing” — the Associated Press:

Hillary Clinton held dozens of meetings with political donors and other operatives during her time as secretary of State that were left off of her official schedule, a new report found, and the State Department Friday refused to defend the apparent omissions.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press as part of a lawsuit involving the Obama administration showed at least 75 meetings with longtime backers of her political efforts, the Clinton Foundation or other interests that were either not included on her official calendar or whose names were not disclosed.

There were at least 114 nongovernmental officials who attended those meetings and meals with Clinton, the AP found. (…)

The omissions would not amount to violations of the law, and many can be explained by changing circumstances or differing levels of detail between the two records, according to Clinton’s campaign.

But Clinton’s critics are likely to view the episode as an example of excessive secrecy and a questionable mix of government business with outside interests.

Indeed, AP says four of those attendees donated to “Clinton’s pet project,” the U.S. Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo, while many others gave money to the Clinton Foundation.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both been campaigning against Clinton’s long record of secrecy and apparent use of government ties for personal enrichment. Each man boasts millions of supporters. Even if the rest of the media tries to underplay this latest scandal, those voters won’t just forget about it on election day.

Source: Allen West

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