This US City JUST Announced HUGE Gun Ban And Confiscation – Do You Live Here?

In a move that simply staggers the mind of any law-abiding American, the town of Lexington, MA is voting to ban semi-automatic weapons.

The city that fired the “first shot” in the American Revolution is now taking a ridiculous step to deprive its citizens of their fundamental right to bear arms.

This blatant attempt to disarm the American public was the very reason the 2nd Amendment was passed; to guard against an over-reaching government.

As the Daily Caller reports:

Harvard professor named Robert Rotberg has taken it upon himself to enact, what he hopes will be “a movement against assault weapons that would capture the state and therefore maybe explode to reach the country.

He has seized upon the recent ban enacted in Highland Park, IL, and has modeled his own ban, almost copying the language verbatim. Filing it to the town meeting warrant as Article 34.

Among other things, Article 34 includes any firearm that is semi-automatic and can accept a magazine that will hold more than 10 rounds. It also includes any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. The article also has a provision in which Lexington’s licensed gun owners who own firearms included in the ban would be forced to sell, render inoperable, or have them seized and destroyed by the police department.

Apparently this Harvard professor doesn’t respect our Constitutional rights. This attempt at depriving private owners of their weapons flies in the face of everything we as a country stand for. The distinction between types of guns is unfounded, as FBI statistics involving semi-automatics are significantly lower than others.

But that won’t stop people like Rotberg to turn our citizens into defenseless victims of the government. We can only hope the measure will be voted down come March 21, or the people of Lexington fight to repeal through the courts.

Source: Daily Caller

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