WHAT!? The Army Warns One Candidate Is An EXTREME Danger…But Not Who You Think!

This election has focused on many issues that concern the American public. Our economy is a wreck. Jobs and salaries are dismally low. Our borders are unprotected as thousands of illegals flood in from Mexico.

But perhaps the most pressing of all is the continued threat of terrorism. After 9/11, we enjoyed years of relative peace, thanks to the tireless efforts of our Armed Forces led by a diligent White House.

Since Obama has taken over, the Middle East has erupted into chaos. We’ve seen the birth of a new terrorist group, ISIS, that aims to commit more murder than any other in history. It’s almost every week that we learn of a new attack somewhere in the world, perpetrated by these murderers.

It will take a strong, uncompromising president to restore our national security and eradicate our enemies. When you think of strong leadership, you’d imagine our military would have something to say about it, right?

Well they are saying something, and it’s not what you’d expect.

From Allen B West:

An Army training presentation lists the woman who could be the next commander in chief as an insider threat, underneath the sailor who carried out the Navy Yard shooting. A photo posted to the U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments Facebook page on Sunday shows an unclassified Army training slide on insider threats and handling classified information. An Army spokesman has since confirmed that the image is authentic.

clinton insider threat

The picture, shows a slide entitled “Who is the Threat? Insiders.” It lists several figures who’ve recently undermined national security through their actions. Among photos of killer Hasan and infamous whistle-blower Snowden, there is Hillary Clinton.

She’s listed because of the gross use of a private email server that exposed classified—including Top Secret—documents, to potential hackers.

The fact that an Army training course had to list a potential future president as a threat is pretty telling.

Should someone with that bad a reputation be trusted with our nation’s greatest secrets? If these Army recruits are being told to not follow in her footsteps, why should we follow her at all?

If the Army thinks Hillary Clinton is a threat, shouldn’t we all?

Source: Allen B West

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