WOW – As The Bodies Of Her Enemies PILE UP…Hillary Make SHOCKING Admission!

The list of people with dirt on Hillary Clinton who have died under mysterious circumstances in just the past few weeks is disturbing, to say the least.

From the DNC staffer who gave files to Wikileaks and was subsequently killed in an obviously professional hit to the investigator who exposed her long history of lesbian affairs, it sure looks like the Clintons are killing their way to the White House.

Need further evidence, the actions this week of Democrats to protect their murderous nominee is simply breathtaking!

Mad World News has the story and we recommend that everyone read it in its entirety

Just in the past 6 weeks alone, five people who got a little too close to exposing Hillary Clinton’s scandals have mysteriously ended up dead. Now, it appears Democrats are taking action to ensure Hillary isn’t further exposed after a PR agent was hired to silence “conspiracy theorists,” but it’s who they are working for that’s really mind boggling, and it points to an even bigger cover-up.

There are still plenty of Clinton critics left, but none is more threatening than Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has promised to release more information on Clinton that he says will end her campaign before the vote in November.

Mad World News points out the obvious…

As Julian Assange continues to expose Hillary Clinton and these mysterious deaths, it wouldn’t’ surprise me if the Wikileaks CEO is next on Hillary’s assassination list. If Assange ends up dead before the November elections, it will just further substantiate this very disturbing theory.

Source: Mad World News

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