BREAKING: Assassination Plot Uncovered…Secret Service SCRAMBLES To Protect President-Elect!

dark-web-1024x576You have to be very careful with what you read about online. This we know to be true. But in an age where traditional media has been compromised, with the only legitimate way of reading the news is via the Internet, you have to have the utmost discretion when it comes to what you choose to read.

We at the Patriot Journal have a promise to only deliver the very best news to our readers. We strive to vet our stories to ensure accuracy, or to comment on something we feel needs discussing.

So when we learned about this bizarre and shocking story, we wanted to evaluate it for what it’s worth and make sure you understand its implication and legitimacy.  We’d rather have you learn about it from us than from a random site online.

The dark web is vast portion of the Internet not searchable by Google or other databases, nor is it easy to access.  It is used by people who want to communicate anonymously, either for top secret work or for criminal activity.

Content on the dark web cannot be verified, so stories like this are even more concerning and suspicious.

From Right Wing News:

“As you are all well aware, the consequences of having Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the leaders of the free world is extremely dangerous,” the website reads. “The political, environmental and social consequences will change the United States for the worst.

Pointing to the “rise of several white supremacist movements like the KKK and the neo-nazis,” the site promoting assassination says “trying to eliminate other Americans of different origins cannot be tolerated.”

“We, as a society, have come too far to go back to this,” it adds.

The site’s authors claim they are part of a “well-known organization that has always defended and protected the rights of all people against crooked governments and regimes using different cyber attacks.”

It says it now needs to go further, “as it will require much more than cyber attack to defend ourselves to avoid civil war or another world war.”

“We have several assets in different branches of government, security and even some working in secret services,” it claims. “Unfortunately, the plan we need to implement requires a lot of money to pay for equipment, bribes and also to pay those assets.”

Since content on the dark web is extremely difficult to track, we–nor law enforcement agencies–can even verify that this post is real. Certainly, on a system as vast and unaccountable as the dark web, you can expect many dubious posts as the one above. Anyone can post anything, making claims such as these.

Before we all are stirred up into a panic, we need to remember that the President-Elect and his team are protected by the best security officials on the planet. Presidents are naturally the targets of terrorists and criminals, so the Secret Service employs extremely thorough measures to ensure their and their families’ safety. No harm will come to them.

Most likely, this is simply a rouse by some unscrupulous figures to raise money from dummies. They cannot prove they have “assets” in the government to carry out their plan. The fact that they are asking for “a lot of money” proves this to be a trick to con other users out of cash.

You know they’re lying because they claim to be part of “well-known organization that has always defended and protected the rights of all people against crooked governments and regimes using different cyber attacks.” Oh really? So I guess they’ve dropped the ball on Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia, etc.

It only serves as a reminder to stay out of the dark web, and be careful what you read online.

Source: Right Wing News

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