Wikileaks Drops Another BOMB: After Audit, Clinton Foundation FORCED To Lie To Employees Because…

It’s bad enough that the Clintons have mislead Americans and the world about their vaunted Foundation.

For example, we now know that only a small percentage of the money raised by this “charity” actually goes to the causes the couple promotes.

It is also common knowledge by now that Hillary used her position at the State Department, and her status as the presumptive future president of the United States, to rake in tens of millions of dollars in donations from foreign powers.

Now comes word that the Foundation’s own employees were given the run around. As Ezra Dulis reports for Breitbart:

The Clinton Foundation gave incomplete and misleading information to its own employees about their feedback given during a corporate review, according to a memo seen in the latest Wikileaks release of John Podesta’s purported emails. (…)

The reason for the omission is pretty obvious. The actual review states that staffers rated the Foundation’s “efficiency” as 1 out of 10 at worst and 4 out of 10 at best.

In subsequent years, many of these same concerns continued to plague the Foundation. Doug Band, a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), complained in 2015 — well into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — that he had to sign a conflict of interest policy but Bill Clinton did not, “even though he is personally paid by 3 cgi sponsors, gets many expensive gifts from them, some that are at home etc.”

Presumably, some idealistic staffers thought they were going to work for an organization that would make a real difference in the lives of less fortunate people around the world. Like so many others, they discovered too late that the Clintons only care about enriching themselves and accumulating more power. The question is: Will enough Americans realize this in time to prevent Hillary from being elected the next president?

Source: Breitbart

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