BACKFIRE: New DNC Leader Just Got HAMMERED By Democrats…For Attacking Trump!

The fight over who would be the next leader of the Democratic National Committee had been raging ever since its last leader was removed in disgrace. Then their interim leader was also removed in disgrace.

It seems like the left can find anyone to lead their party that doesn’t have a shady background of corruption.

Over the last few months speculation has abounded over whom would take the wheel of this sinking ship. Names that floated around the press included Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison, two radical left-wing liberals whose views are poison for our country.

But as it turns out the DNC selected someone perhaps less controversial, but just as problematic and corrupt.

And the Commander in Chief is weighing in.

From IJR:

Following former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez’s election on Saturday as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, President Trump tweeted a “congratulatory” message. Perez fired back. But the whole thing didn’t quite turn out as he probably envisioned…

While Perez apparently thought he “one-upped” Trump, things quickly got out of control, as Democrats — especially those who felt he had a hand in Bernie’s primary demise — fired back over his claim of party unity.

To this Democrat, Perez’s election was the last straw:

Incidentally, Trump tweeted that the DNC election was “totally rigged” against Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders:

Tom Perez was the one who worked with the DNC to sabotage Bernie Sanders chances during the primary.  So not even their christened leader has clean hands.

But the shocking number of people openly leaving the DNC over the choice is notable. Instead of picking a unify figure, one who could bridge the gap between traditional liberals, left-wingers, and the rest of the voting public, they went with an insider with a tarnished record.

After so many years of insider games and corruption, that’s all the democrats have left.

Source: IJR

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