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This Sick, Barbaric Practice Just Got BANNED, So (Of Course) Liberal Women Are RAGING
By Faith Braverman|April 11, 2017

The pro-life movement has been making massive gains in the months since Trump became president. In January, the International Planned Parenthood Federation was stripped of its funding by Trump for providing abortions globally.

At the most recent March for Life in D.C., Vice-President Mike Pence was a speaker. All signs point to a much-needed change in course. Our society is currently one that turns its backs on our nation’s most defenseless citizens, and this grave error must be corrected.

Sex-selection abortion has been all the rage in China, and some liberal Americans are doing their damnedest to defend it.  Exhibit A, Slate author Allison Benedikt:

“Also, let’s just remember that we are talking about fetuses. No matter how many ultrasound pics get posted to Facebook, these are fetuses with female genitals or male genitals — not little boys or little girls. If pro-choicers object to aborting because of the sex of the fetus, aren’t we then saying that abortion is “murdering” girls? Aren’t we basically arguing that a fetus is not a blank slate but a future possibility? That is not the case to make if your goal is to protect abortion rights. Gulp for a second if you must, then get over it.”

Gulp for a second? Liberals are just sick.  This is a downright barbaric practice, and thankfully there are men and women taking action.

In Arkansas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson is trying to do just that by signing into law a bill that will stop women from aborting based on the gender of their baby.

From Life News:

The bill would require abortion practitioners to make a reasonable effort to obtain medical records and information related to the pregnancy to help determine if sex-selection is the reason for the abortion. Abortion practitioners who violate the legislation could face misdemeanor charges, fines and a license suspension or revocation, according to the report.

A top pro-life group hailed the governor.

“Arkansas’s governor and legislative leaders are to be commended for addressing the shocking problem of sex selection abortions which disproportionately target baby girls,” said Americans United for Life Vice President of Legal Affairs Denise Burke.

Predictably, feminists and liberals are having a temper tantrum about the bill on social media. Many are claiming this is harassment of the mother and violates their right to having an abortion for whatever reason they want.

“Any legislation that bans abortion before the point of viability is unconstitutional, plain and simple,” said ACLU Arkansas Executive Director Rita Sklar.

No Rita, any legislation that allows for an abortion at any time is unconstitutional, plain and simple. The Constitution protects the right to life, and currently girls are at a higher risk of being aborted worldwide.

China in particular has a massive problem with girls being aborted due to the country’s preference for boys, and has made it illegal for doctors to disclose a baby’s gender to its parents prior to its birth.

Funny how feminists would prefer to keep that truth buried and instead preach about how murdering innocent human beings, the majority of them girls, is somehow pro-woman.

Source: Life News

Faith Braverman
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