After Baton Rouge, This Photo Is MELTING The Internet…For All The RIGHT Reasons!

Despite what the mainstream media wants us to believe, there are more Americans united than are divided. I truly believe that. While the evening news and websites show pictures of a few angry protestors facing down a line of cops, there are many others–both black and white Americans–speaking up online to show their respect and support for one other.

I don’t have time to share with you the many pictures and posts I’ve read in recent days of young black and white Americans expressing their desire for unity. Young black people reaching out to support, protect, or stand up for their local cops. This is the real America, not the images of obnoxious faux reporters getting arrested on the highway.

So since the mainstream media has an agenda to divide us, I felt it important to share the real America. Let’s talk about Kim Muyaka, a 23 year old black American who felt like God was calling her to pray (Prayer! Now that’s something the media doesn’t want you to do!). Specially, this Christian woman felt led to pray for a white person, to demonstrate the unity that truly exists between Americans.

From Independent Journal:

Kim Muyaka, the 23-year-old woman in the now-viral Facebook photo, tells Independent Journal Review she had felt God calling her to make the bold move in the midst of such violent times:

“I had been praying about the situations going on in America, based on what happened in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis and Dallas, all over the place. Then God dropped in my heart that I need to reach out to someone else to pray with, someone outside my race. I wondered, ‘What if I don’t find someone to do that with?’

When I was at Benny’s Car Wash putting air in [the] back tires, I saw the deputy making sure everything was going well and in order and I knew — THIS was the opportunity.”

This young woman’s faith in God motivated her to take the bold step and find a white police officer and pray with him. The man, a deputy, was all too willing to accept the offer.

“As I approached him, I honked my horn and told him to come to my car. I slowly opened my car door and said to him, ‘Sir, God has put on my heart to pray with you, not against you.’

As he grabbed my hands I could feel the fear inside him, and his hands were shaking. After I finished praying, he was relieved.”


The picture of Muyaka praying with the officer has gone viral, a sign that most Americans believe not only in our unity, but the power of prayer.

As the left continues to harp on gun control and blame white Americans for the problem, actual Americans of all colors are becoming examples of true unity and support.

Be sure to share Muyaka’s story and share your own as well.

Source: Independent Journal

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