BREAKING: New Battleground Poll Has One Candidate PULLING AWAY…But Not Who You Think!

It’s been a grueling 2016 election so far and we still have a few months left until Election Day.

As the biased liberal media prop up their candidate and distort facts to give her an advantage, it seems that actual voters aren’t buying it.

The last few weeks (months even) have been terrible for Crooked Hillary Clinton, as endless stories have come out, detailing among other things her lying about her email server and her frequent health scares.

Voter confidence in the democrat is at an all-time low. Contrast that will the surge of support Donald Trump has been enjoying. Across America he’s been packing out venues for his rallies. It seems a contingent of Americans, of all backgrounds, are getting behind the business mogul.

And now it looks like the polls are responding.

From Politico:

Donald Trump has opened up an eight-point lead over Hillary Clinton in the battleground state of Iowa, according to a Monmouth University poll of likely voters released Thursday.

Matched against Clinton, as well as Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green nominee Jill Stein, Trump received 45 percent support in the latest survey, up one point from his performance in the university’s last poll from the state conducted in July.

Iowa is typically a key state in securing a presidential win. His continued push in battleground states, with his bold rhetoric and unapologetic style, has been winning voters over.

Meanwhile the Clinton camp has been covering up stories over her health and have zero excuses for the litany of corruption stories that seem to come out every day.

Even liberal-focused websites have Trump in the lead.

In the POLITICO Battleground States Polling Average for Iowa, Trump holds a narrow advantage of 42 percent to 40.6 percent, factoring in five different surveys conducted back to the second week of August.

Polls only give us a glimpse into what voters are thinking and much can still happen between now and November.

But there’s a good chance Trump’s lead will only get bigger.

Source: Politico

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