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Ben Carson Uncovers 50 Year-Old Welfare Rule, Busts A GENIUS Move For Average Americans!
By Faith Braverman|April 24, 2017

If you’ve ever visited a nature reserve, you’ve likely seen the signs warning you not to feed any wild animals. Besides being dangerous, it can also make the animals dependent on humans for food.

This warning holds true for humans as well. Many Americans take advantage of taxpayers by staying on welfare indefinitely rather than seeking employment, knowing that no matter what they do they will have a handout from the government every month.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson holds the radical belief that the ultimate goal of government welfare programs is to give people a hand up, not a hand out.

Because of this mentality, liberals have predictably attacked his stance, saying he doesn’t understand the plight of those in government housing, despite the fact that Carson grew up in poverty himself.

Ignoring the naysayers, Dr. Carson has thrown himself into his new role by thoroughly researching all manner of ways to help those in government housing find a way out of it.

After uncovering a 50-year-old rule, he may have found the key to doing just that.

From Western Journalism:

HUD will require that contractors who build projects funded by HUD to work with the communities where those projects are being built to employ local low-income residents.

“We’re going to put much more emphasis on Section 3, which requires HUD builders to use low-income residents as employees during the construction of these various developments and in the redevelopment of places,” Carson said on The Joe Pags Show, referring to a law created in 1968.

“It’s largely ignored right now. We’re going to change that by emphasizing it in a different way and incentivizing people to use it,” Carson said.

Carson believes low-income citizens have been lured into complacency by receiving welfare and are failing to live up to their true God-given potential. By helping to build their communities, these citizens will not only learn how to take pride in their work.

They will also learn valuable construction skills that they can use to find other good jobs.

“If you give them those skills, you’re giving them something that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives,” Carson said.

Dr. Carson isn’t willing to just put a band-aid on poverty. He wants to find a solution to reduce it, which is the opposite of what most Democrats want to do.

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Source: Western Journalism

Faith Braverman
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