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Ben Carson ROCKS Washington With One MASSIVE Cut…Freeloaders, Dems Are RAGING!
By Faith Braverman|May 25, 2017

Ben Carson has only been the Housing and Urban Development Secretary for three months, but he’s already doing more for the poor than the Obama administration was able to do in 8 years.

After researching ways to help those in poverty improve their circumstances, Carson discovered a nearly 50-year-old rule which is creating jobs.

This rule requires contractors to employ local low-income residents to build government housing.

Carson also uncovered $500 billion in “bookkeeping errors” within his department after ordering an audit.

Now both President Trump and Ben Carson are working together to ensure that this level of waste is put to an end.

From The Washington Post:

President Trump’s budget proposal, announced Tuesday, calls for the most dramatic cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development since President Ronald Reagan slashed the agency’s funding in the early 1980s and leaves a wide opening for introducing work requirements for people who receive federal housing subsidies.

The largest of Trump’s $6.2 billion in proposed cuts to HUD is the elimination of the four-decade-old Community Development Block Grant program.

“We will work very closely with Congress to support the critical work of our agency as we vigorously pursue new approaches to help work-eligible households achieve self-sufficiency,” Housing Secretary Ben Carson said in a statement Tuesday.

Then Carson followed this up with an explosive statement on the nature of poverty that has liberals pulling their hair out:

While Obama was president, the HUD’s budget grew by leaps and bounds. Now the left are sad that their cash cow is being eliminated, and are attacking Carson for this measure.

Liberals are claiming these cuts will destroy the lives of those struggling, but the HUD is one of the most corrupt and mismanaged federal agencies. It’s past time this agency was brought to heel.

Waste, corruption and incompetence are the norm for HUD. For decades, HUD officials have been pouring millions in federal funds into worthless projects and funding special interests, all while evading accountability.

By exposing the cheaters in the HUD, those in real need will finally be able to get help.

Source: The Washington Post

Faith Braverman
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