BOOM: Benghazi Comes Back To HAUNT Hillary…Ambassador’s Fiancee Drops TRUTH BOMB!

A new voice has emerged out of nowhere to confirm everything you ever suspected about Hillary Clinton. The name Lydie Denier might not ring a bell, but she was Ambassador Chris Stevens’ fiancée and she’s now going public with her take on the Benghazi fiasco that cost Stevens his life.

Her new book is sure to put that horrific incident back in the headlines, and that’s the last thing Team Hillary needs right now:

“She was at the top at the time; she was the secretary of state,” Denier told Newsmax. “What I always wondered is suddenly she decided to quit her job as secretary of state earlier than people were expecting.”

Understandably, she said that Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted for the country — she certainly proved that she couldn’t handle the one situation that claimed the life of Denier’s fiancee.

“If we cannot trust her for Americans, how can we trust her for the whole country? It doesn’t make sense. In my book, I do talk about that and about what happened … Chris was and knew, was extremely knowledgeable about Libya and what was going on. He should’ve been listened to,” said Denier.

Perhaps one day in the future, Stevens and the others who died that night will be granted the honor they deserve. Until then, Americans can only hope that this new book helps keep Hillary’s malicious incompetence in view, and that it plays a part in keeping her out of the Oval Office, to create even more Benghazis.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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