Bernie Accuses Republicans Of Killing MILLIONS…Here’s 3 Reasons He’s DEAD Wrong.

The heath care battle rages on, but if America listens closely, one side is clearly winning. Note: it’s not the side literally screaming bloody murder.

It’s clear the empty-headed liberals on the left want the United States to look like failing Europe, in more ways than one. Most European countries have some form of Socialized health care. Yet these are also countries that do not have a Constitution or Bill of Rights, are still beholden to monarchies, and by and large have significantly lower populations that the U.S.

Plus their heath care systems are terrible, forcing many to come to America for life-saving procedures.

Yet still, the left wants government-run health care, because it drains tax payers of needed income and creates a larger, more bloated government. And who would run that government? The left of course!  So we see that Obamacare and other potential programs are simply a ruse to give corrupt politicians more money and power over our lives.

Most people with brains agree that Obamacare is a disaster. Some claim it was always designed to fail. Regardless of the case, President Trump has vowed to repeal and replace it.  A new bill is in the works right now, aimed at doing just that. And while some criticize the GOP replacement bill, it is still being refined to make sure the stain of Obama’s health care program is eradicated from our society.

Yet liberals still complain, most notably Socialist loon Bernie Sanders. Despite his wild speculations, though, he has been proven wrong.

From The Daily Wire:

On Monday, following the Congressional Budget Office’s report that Trumpcare would result in a drop in health insurance coverage of 24 million by 2026, socialist loonbag Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) raged, “If this legislation is passed and millions of people are thrown off health insurance … thousands of Americans will die.” He continued, “I think that legislation is disgusting. It is immoral. It must be defeated and I hope there is enough sense amongst some of the Republicans.”

(It’s funny how this liberal is worried about Americans dying now, yet doesn’t mind a system that allows for millions of unborn Americans to be killed via abortion—just a thought.)

Nearly Everyone Who Loses Insurance Under Trumpcare Is On Medicaid. Medicaid is government sponsored health care. And most doctors don’t take it. As Jim Geraghty notes, “As of 2015, only 67 percent of doctors take Medicaid, and only 45 percent of doctors take new patients on Medicaid…”

“The best statistical estimate for the number of lives saved each year by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is zero…”

Also worth noting: in 2015, under Obamacare, mortality rose and life expectancy dropped for the first time in decades…

The CBO Wildly Overestimates Obamacare’s Impact. In order to find that 24 million fewer people would have health coverage under Trumpcare than Obamacare, the CBO had to wildly inflate Obamacare’s coverage impact… Roy suggests that the CBO estimate on Obamacare coverage could “be off by as much as 19 million…”

The Individual Mandate Is A Mandate. Sanders seems to assume that everyone on health insurance wants to be on health insurance under Obamacare. Even the CBO says that’s not true. As of 2018, 14 million people would drop out of the health insurance market by choice if they were allowed to do so without a fine from the government…

Obamacare was a terrible idea that forced people to buy expensive, ineffective coverage, or faced un-Constitutional fines if they didn’t. Many health insurance companies dropped out of the program, leaving Americans in the lurch. And shockingly, more people were dying and life expectancy fell, because of how poorly our health care system functioned under this disastrous law.

Anything the republicans do is a step up from Obamacare. The debate continues to rage, but soon President Trump and his allies will produce a better solution, giving Americans freedom and choice.

That’s something Bernie Sanders just doesn’t understand.

Source: The Daily Wire

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