WATCH: They THOUGHT They Were Beating Up A Trump Supporter…The TRUTH Was Very Different!

Leftists love to call conservatives “stupid,” but this story is more proof that progressives are the real idiots — and a menace not just to the rest of us, but to each other.

During this campaign, Bernie Sanders fans have been making headlines by attacking supporters of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

However, in a bizarre new twist, Sanders fans have taken to turning on — each other!

It sounds like a scene from a comedy movie, but the Daily Caller has the all too real story and video:

Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters were recently caught on camera beating each other up, mistaking each as Donald Trump supporters.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube Friday, rowdy protesters are seen getting more violent with each other, thinking the others were Trump supporters. Towards the end of the one-minute video, the crowd begins to chant “Bernie! Bernie!”

In an election campaign that’s witnessed unprecedented division and upheaval, it’s refreshing to enjoy a bit of comic relief.

However, this video also reveals the left wing mindset in all its unhinged glory, so in that respect, it’s not that funny after all.

Source: Daily Caller

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