SHOCK: Bernie’s Kiss Of Death…Here’s The DEVASTATING Results Of His Endorsement!

Now that Hillary Clinton has tied up the nomination, her primary opponent Bernie Sanders gave her a full-throated endorsement.  After such a nasty battle, with Bernie stating she was unfit for the office of the presidency, this came as a huge surprise to everyone.  Now that there seems to be party unity with his endorsement, Hillary’s set to coast until election day…right? Not so fast.

NBC News just came out with a new poll, and both the headline numbers and the internals have some unexpected numbers, especially since they come from a left-leaning polling organization.

And it’s Team Trump who’s getting all the good news.

Even before the Republican National Convention began, a new tracking poll of almost 10,000 registered voters showed him “virtually tied” with Hillary Clinton, “if the 2016 presidential election were being held today.” In fact, the slender difference between the two candidates falls within the survey’s margin 1.4 per cent margin of error.

NBC News, which co-sponsored the poll with Survey Monkey, reports:

Clinton now just barely edges out Trump in a direct head-to-head match-up, 46 percent to 45 percent. This is slightly down from the 3-point lead she held in last week’s tracking poll numbers. (…)

There is an even more important statistic hidden in this poll: Bernie’s supporters aren’t convinced.

According to results from this week’s Election Tracking Poll, just a quarter of Democratic voters said [Bernie Sanders’] approval makes them more likely to support [Hillary Clinton] in the fall. Most Democrats, (72 percent) said his endorsement makes no difference to their vote.

Bernie’s passionate supporters don’t seem to be able to bring themselves to support the corrupt establishment candidate.  Many of them are considering sitting out—or even supporting the populist candidate, Donald J. Trump.

This is all around bad news for Hillary.  And look out for next polls to come out: each candidate gets a post-convention bump in poll numbers as well, so it will be interesting to see what Trump’s numbers will look like right after the RNC wraps up in Cleveland.

Credit: NBC News

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