GENIUS! Bernie’s Protesters Steal Republican Slogan…And Use It Against Crooked Hillary!

During the Republican National Convention, liberals looked for every opportunity to show delegates and speakers in a negative light. The results were pretty pathetic, with leftists resorting to old tricks like using photos of attendees waving to claim they were making “Nazi” salutes.

There were also attempts to paint Republicans as plagiarists.  First they tried to denigrate Melania, and then Donald Jr.  But now it turns out that it really is the liberal Democrat socialists who are the plagiarists; surprisingly, this particular plagiarism has Republicans cheering.

A chant erupted during the Republican convention—almost every time Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned, delegates would shout “Lock her up.” Liberal media and activists pounced on this expression, saying that it was “sexist” and sounded like something out of the Salem witch trials.

So what will these same people do now that those on the far left have taken up the cry?

Joel B. Pollak, who is covering the Democratic National Convention for, says this:

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) adopted a slogan from the Republican National Convention in their protests against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Sunday: ‘Lock her up!’” (…)

The protests have gained renewed energy, thanks to a recent release of emails by Wikileaks, which showed Democratic National Committee (DNC) leaders colluding to assist Clinton and undermine Sanders in the primary. The revelations have been so damaging thus far that they forced the resignation Sunday of DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who will leave after the convention and has long been reviled by the Sanders camp.

Pollack points out that this is quite a change of heart among the Feel the Bern crowd, who have also been seen sporting “Hillary For Prison” t-shirts much like those worn at the RNC. After all, their hero famously said to Clinton during one of their debates , “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!”

Perhaps even Sanders’ most loyal followers have finally found something they disagree with him about. Now that the Vermont senator has repeatedly endorsed Clinton, and is even urging these demonstrators to stop protesting, some of the disillusioned may actually find a welcoming new home among Donald Trump’s allies.

And all the people said…

“Lock her up!”

Credit: Breitbart

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