Biggest Mic Drop in History! FBI Director ADMITS Hillary’s Testimony Is…

We live in an era when police increasingly employ body and car cameras, and videotape virtually every interactions with accused subjects.  Everyone carries a smartphone that can record hours and hours of audio and video.

And now Americans are learning that Hillary Clinton’s “interviews” with the FBI about her private email server and all those deleted messages weren’t tape recorded or even given under oath.

How does that even happen?

Ian Hanchett of reports:

During testimony before Congress on Thursday, FBI Director James Comey stated that the FBI’s interview with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not under oath or recorded, but it still would be a crime to lie to the FBI.

Comey stated that he did not personally interview Clinton, and did not talk to all of the “five or six” who did interview Clinton.

He was then asked, “did she testify or talk to them under oath?” Comey answered, “No.” But added that “it’s still a crime to lie to us.”

And should anyone wish to see a transcript of Clinton’s “interview,” well, too bad:  because since the conversation wasn’t recorded on tape it can’t be transcribed. This means there wasn’t even a court reporter in the room with interrogators, typing up what was said. Hillary Clinton certainly lives is a far different world than the rest of us lowly humans.


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