SHOCK Admission: Bill Clinton Concedes…’Of Course Foundation Donors Expected…’

Perhaps Bill Clinton is losing his touch in his old age. Perhaps he just doesn’t give a damn. Regardless of the cause, he seems to be saying things that are actually hurting his wife’s chances at becoming president.

Recently he let slip that Hillary “frequently” fainted over the years, highlighting a larger health concern than what her campaign admitted. Even thought the media tried to edit that out, it still was circulated across the Internet, reinforcing many people’s concerns over the woman’s health.

Now in an interview with NPR, Bill essentially said that the Clinton Foundation did in fact have donors seeking favors with the Hillary Clinton’s State Department.


From Breitbart:

Asked whether he thought some Clinton Foundation donors might have given money in the expectation that the Clintons would be returning to the White House, and able to exert political influence on the donors’ behalf in the future, Clinton said:

“Well, since we had 300,000 donors, it would be unusual if nobody did. The names I saw in the paper, none of them surprised me, and all of them could have gotten their own meeting with Hillary… It was natural for people who had been our political allies and personal friends to call and ask for things.”

It’s shocking to think that while Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State Department, the arm of the government responsible for our international relations, she also had her own foundation that accepted donations from foreign nations.

How could anyone not see the massive conflict of interest? How could anyone not realize that was a poorly-disguised front for massive bribery and corruption?

New evidence of conflicts of interest between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department continues to emerge. Emails recently obtained by Judicial Watch, for example, show that Clinton Foundation staff interceded in 2011 with Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, to prevent the U.S. visa of Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive from being revoked.

That’s just one of many examples and a tame one at that. Let’s not forget the millions given by Saudi Arabi, who later got a beefy arms deals. Arms that would be used against their own people.

You’d think that Obama at least would have been concerned over this sort of arrangement. Yet the “most transparent administration ever” blissfully looked the other way as Hillary’s foundation took millions from foreign countries, who later received benefits from our government.

This is how our system works, folks. It has nothing to do with American values, right or wrong, conservative or liberal. The powers at be created a system to make themselves rich, giving out power to the highest bidder.

It’s got to change and fast.

Source: Breitbart

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