BREAKING: Bill Clinton Cover-Up REVEALED! Secret Audio Proves He…

If the Democrats want to hit Donald Trump hard with video of inappropriate remarks he made years ago, while in an off-the-cuff conversation —well then, it appears Republicans can do the same to Democrats.

At least, that’s what’s befell Hillary Clinton’s camp this week, via a tape recorded conversation of her husband Bill, speaking about women back in 1991.

His comments?

“In a secretly recorded 1991 phone conversation with his alleged former mistress, Bill Clinton reportedly joked that he wished he had slept with a ‘beautiful’ woman he was accused of having an affair with,” Independent Journal Review reported. “Gennifer Flowers, who claims she had a 12-year affair with the former president, released audio of the alleged conversation to author and radio host Aaron Klein.”

Flowers said Clinton made the remarks at a time when she and the president had wrapped their romantic relationship, and she had moved on and started dating another man. Flowers also said Clinton seemed to be trying to make her jealous by saying the other woman was “beautiful.”

“At another point in the conversation, Clinton joked that he once told Bill Simmons that he hated to deny sleeping with the aforementioned beautiful woman,” IJR reported.

Flowers released portions of her past conversations with Clinton before he ran for the White House in 1991. In recent days, however, Flowers has plunged back into the political scene, due in large part to Hillary Clinton’s insistence that she’s the pro-woman candidate. Flowers, along with several other women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexually inappropriate behaviors, have come out to condemn Hillary for her attempt to paint Donald Trump as a misogynist, and herself a feminist.

“While Clinton denied having a 12-year affair with Flowers, he eventually admitted to having a “one-time” sexual encounter with her in his deposition during Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit against him,” IJR reported. “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was harshly criticized in recent weeks after 2005 audio emerged of him making extremely lewd comments about women during a private conversation.”

Source: Independent Journal Review

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