#NeverTrump SHOCKER: Bill Kristol STUNS America, Admits Trump’s Latest Move Is…

Fox pundit and avid #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol is still on Twitter for some reason. He seems oblivious to how idiotic he sounds with his tone deaf #NeverTrump sniping at the Republican candidate and his supporters.

It’s possible that the only ones still reading his tweets are others in the media, possibly for cheap entertainment.  Well, they may be worth reading once again.

Over at TruthFeed, they noticed that Kristol had something out of character to say about Trump’s trip to Mexico:

And it gets even harder to believe:

So did Kristol’s #NeverTrump colleague at the Weekly Standard, Stephen Hayes, who wrote:

Trump’s sharp edges were rounded, his hot rhetoric cooler. If voters are concerned that Trump is incapable of behaving like a statesman—and many of them are—Trump showed them that at least on this day, he could. He was, ever briefly, the kind of Trump many Republican elected officials have long hoped publicly that he could become.


Presuming for a moment that either man sincerely believes what he wrote (and that’s a stretch):

Does this mean the Weekly Standard is poised to belatedly endorse Trump after all? If Trump continues to rise in the polls, it probably will.

That’s because #NeverTrump was always an opportunistic gambit. Kristol and Co. clearly read the tea leaves wrong (as usual). If Trump ushers in a new era of American conservatism, the Weekly Standard can’t afford to be left out of that potential windfall. They’ve got subscriptions and berths on cruise ships to sell!

The trouble is, its potential audience won’t soon forget Kristol’s anti-Trump rhetoric. Alienating thousands of existing and potential subscribers wasn’t a very good business plan.

Credit: TruthFeed

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