Billionaires Go ALL IN…Give 20 Times More Money To 1 Candidate!

It’s common knowledge that Hillary Clinton has the support of Wall Street and the Hollywood elite. She has garnered the financial backing of some of the most powerful, most dangerous individuals in our society.

The reason is no secret. She will bend to their demands, like the puppet she is. We know this thanks to revelations coming from the Clinton Foundation. She gladly gave out favors as secretary of state to groups who gave big bucks to her organization. If she becomes president, it won’t be any different.

But the numbers are still shocking. While Donald Trump has ignited a movement, motivating millions of regular Americans to give to his campaign, Hillary has relied on a smaller number of extremely wealthy individuals to prop up her failing team.

From Bloomberg:

Hillary gets the vote from America’s richest citizens. Or at least she’s getting their cash.

 Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has collected $21.1 million for her campaign and its supporting political action committees from 17 U.S. donors on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Republican Donald Trump has received $1.02 million from 12 members of the group.

You hear Clinton say she will raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans to “help” the middle class. But can we believe her? She is buddies with the wealthiest Americans. They’ve given her millions of dollars. When the time comes to tax them into oblivion, do you think she’ll comply?

Of course not. They rich will find loopholes in her new taxes, causing the burden to fall on the rest of us.

Don’t believe any of the rhetoric that comes from Crooked Hillary’s mouth. All she will do as president is maintain the failing status quo. The rich will stay rich, dodging taxes, while the working and middle classes watch their jobs evaporate.

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros is the biggest spender among donors on the index, giving almost $11.9 million to Clinton’s cause. A Hungarian immigrant to the U.S., Soros is the 17th-richest person in the country with $24.7 billion, according to the index. The co-founder of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies — and former NSA codebreaker — James Simons, is the second-biggest spender, giving $7 million to Clinton.

Hillary will be fine, of course. She will continue to get rich and help her buddies stay rich. Villains like Soros will have a field day in our society, aided by a complicit and corrupt White House.

That will mean fewer jobs for Americans, a further deterioration of our infrastructure, a massive increase in migrant immigration, and rampant terrorism.

But Hillary will be fine. At least we’ll have that.

Source: Bloomberg

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