#nevertrump Last Stand: Bitter Clinger John Kasich Asked About Birtherism…His Response STUNS!

Ohio Gov. John Kasich was the man of the hour, briefly, when he stayed in the Republican presidential race long after he had a hope of getting the nomination. Then when the RNC took place in his home state, he pointedly didn’t show up.

While still not exactly a Trump supporter (to put it mildly) Kasich turned down an opportunity to bash his party’s choice on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.

The Huffington Post reports:

Host Chuck Todd asked Kasich if Trump owes Obama an apology, saying that for a lot of people, questioning the birthplace of the first black president was “a dog whistle.” But Kasich dodged the questions. (…)

Kasich attributed the birther movement, and Trump’s contribution to it, to a “growing division and anger between people of different parties” across the country.

“There was tremendous hatred being directed at George W. Bush, you know, that he needed to be impeached and all these insane things,” Kasich said. “And that same anger has moved on to Barack Obama. And it’s going to move on to whoever who should win this election.”

Perhaps more interesting was that the Huffington Post was forced to issue a correction to this story, after first reporting that Kasich had called upon Trump to apologize — a pretty major error in such a basic story, and an example, perhaps, of psychological projection on HuffPo’s part.

Source: Huffington Post

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