Black Lives Matter Leader SLAMS Presidential Candidate…But NOT Who You Expect!

The more we explore the inner workings of left-wing politics, the more we see how fragmented, corrupt, and disorganized they are.

Although liberal groups and activists claim to be united, there is rampant infighting, even among those with similar ideals.

We saw this up close, when the DNC leaks revealed how established party leaders were working to undermine the campaign of long-time democrat Bernie Sanders. Although he’s served the party for decades, holding public office and forwarding their agenda in government, they had no problem sabotaging his aspirations for the White House.

Now we are seeing how social justice movements, the radical arm of the left, don’t even see eye-to-eye with those in government. Despite the fact that figures like Hillary Clinton claim to be in support of these movements, using them to garner votes and money, often times the movements themselves don’t agree.

From Proud Conservative:

Alicia Garza is the the leader and co-founder of Blacks Lives Matter and she sat down for an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek and answered various different questions about the problems with racism and the way it is addressed in America.

In the interview, Garza said Hillary Clinton’s actions do not indicate she cares for the black community.

Garza pointed out the fact that the Clintons regularly uses black people for their own benefit.

Garza said, “The Clintons use black people for votes, but then don’t do anything for black communities after they’re elected. They use us for photo ops,”

Garza goes on to call out Clinton for her hypocrisy when it comes to supporting black communities. She criticized the democrat for claiming to care about black lives, but then support policies that keep many black workers underpaid and underemployed.

She made it clear that, as far as the BLM movement is concerned, they are not indebted to the Democrats in any way. That could suggest that the vocal group won’t come out in support for Hillary, something the candidate is certainly depending on.

This shows how much the Democratic Party is fragmented. After eight years of broken promises on the part of Obama, liberal groups and individuals are struggling for identity. Bernie Sanders was a slim ray of hope, but he was destroyed by the very corruption the left claims to be against.  The only figure liberals can now root for is a long-standing politician with a history of lies and betrayal.

Yes, it’s a sad time to be a liberal, indeed.

Source: Proud Conservative

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