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WHOA – Blacks March Against 1 Presidential Candidate…But NOT Who You Think! [VIDEO]
By PJ Editor|September 4, 2016

Donald Trump has made outreach to blacks a high priority and there is increasing evidence that he is having some success. A recent poll showed Trump up to 14% among the traditionally Democrat-supporting group, that would be the best performance since Bob Dole scored low double digits way back in 1996.

That’s not the only thing giving Democrats heartburn over the black vote. It turns out that Hillary  is wildly unpopular among them.

Now the edges are really starting to fray for Clinton…

Bruce Carter founded Black Men For Bernie, but in a recent Facebook video, he said he’s now moving forward to “work with people over party.”  He said, “Our goal is to restore families across America,” and he’s ready to take a closer look at Trump’s policies, because the alternative is Clinton, and Carter says that’s not an option.

Carter led a march against Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where they chanted, “Don’t vote for Hillary, she’s killing black people!”

“That whole myth that black people are going to support her, it’s going to be exposed, Carter told Breitbart News.  “She won’t win black votes, because we’re going to keep marching across the country, educating people.”

Source: Dennis Michael Lynch

PJ Editor
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