JUSTICE SERVED: BLM Protestor Thought Blocking Traffic Was A Good Idea…Until THIS Happened!

We know that the Black Lives Matter idiots aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. How can we not? They regularly prove it!

When they aren’t busy ranting against the white people that they share the most peaceful, prosperous country in the world with or plotting the murders of the police that keep them safe, they are out “protesting” and by protesting we, of course mean making total asses out of themselves.

So it shouldn’t come as a big raging shock that one of them decided to stop traffic…with his body.

Joe for America frames the epic video that proves they aren’t teaching basic physics in intercity schools!

He was moving through the dark expecting to be seen, unfortunately, he wasn’t, and he proved just how dumb people who belong to this group are, they should be embarrassed. The gunshot bystanders heard were the shots being fired at the car who obviously left the scene, probably for their own safety, had they stopped they would have been murdered by other protestors for this idiots negligence. Maybe now they’ve learned their lesson.

Source: Joe for America

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