SHOCK: Blogger Who Tied CRUZ’S Father To Lee Harvey Oswald Found DEAD Just Days Later

The Republican primary has been an unusual spectacle. Since the entrance of Donald Trump, there has been nothing short of controversy, name-calling, and wild accusations. We just can’t predict what will happen next in this election, though some have tried.

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the GOP candidates. Politicians like Trump, Cruz, and Rubio have undergone scrutiny by the press, other politicians, and eagle-eyed bloggers.

One of those bloggers, Gary Welsh, has been blogging since 2005. During his prolific time as a writer, he made some startling discoveries about politicians, most notably Cruz and his family.

But maybe he went too far.

From IBJ:

A prolific Indiana political blogger wrote an ominous post last week predicting a Donald Trump victory in his state — and soon afterward committed suicide, police said.

Gary Welsh, a lawyer who managed his Advance Indiana blog since 2005, was found in his Indianapolis apartment around 8 a.m. Sunday with a gunshot wound, according to the Indianapolis Star. Officers found him in a stairwell, dead at the scene, according to a police report.

This is a sad and shocking end to the life man who had been working tirelessly for over 10 years. The details are still sketchy and police do not know what motivated the violence.

His final post was ominous, but leaves a lot to be desired. Welsh wrote:

“If I’m not around to see the vote results, my prediction is that Trump wins Indiana with just shy of 50% of the vote,” Welsh wrote. (IBJ)

Welsh was a widely followed conservative writer and a practicing attorney. Near as we can tell he had given no signs that he was depressed or suicidal, leaving some to question the event.

Sometime before his death, Welsh wrote about the connection between Ted Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald, the notorious figure at the center of the Kennedy assassination.

Anyone who has studied the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has understood the key role Cuban-Americans working for the CIA played in the intelligence community plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963… Reporters looking into the murky background of the Cuban-immigrant father of Sen. Ted Cruz have uncovered a number of inconsistencies in biographical claims in Sen. Cruz’s book… Newly-reported information by independent investigator Wayne Madsen ties Rafael Bienvenido Cruz to Oswald’s work for the supposedly pro-Castro group in New Orleans during the summer of 1963. (IBJ)

Was Welsh suggesting Cruz’s father had a relationship with Oswald? If so that could be very damaging to the Senator. Being connected to one of the most shameful events in U.S. history does not help one’s career. He may have dropped out the current Presidential race, but you can be sure he still has his ambitions for the White House.

So what can we say about Welsh’s death? It’s a sad and upsetting turn of events. A prolific and influential writer is gone, with police still scratching their heads. Had he lived, he could have continued to uncovering illuminating facts about our political world.

Could there be a connection between his work and his death? We don’t know for sure. We might never know.

Source: Clash Daily

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