BOOM! New Blue State Poll Has Dems In Blind Panic…Trump Is LOVING It!

Time and again Donald Trump has claimed that he can compete in states where Republicans have not done well at the presidential level.

There has been some evidence to support this claim including recent polls out of Pennsylvania and Oregon that show Trump neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in these normally blue states.

Now the Democrats have another reason to reach for the Alka-Seltzer!

The Boston Herald reports…

Clinton and Trump are both getting 44 percent of the vote in a general-election matchup yet just only a third of all voters have a favorable view of the two likely presidential nominees, according to the new poll.

The poll should cause some concern among Democrats who have counted on New Hampshire’s four electoral votes for the past three elections.

How is Trump performing so well in a state that is usually reliably blue on the presidential level?

Clinton’s unpopularity in the Granite State is making the race a tossup in a state where Republicans now hold only one major statewide office.

Just 35 percent of likely New Hampshire voters rate the former secretary of state favorably while 61 percent say they have an unfavorable view of her, according to the Franklin Pierce-Herald poll.

If Trump can win New Hampshire along with Pennsylvania and Oregon as well as the safe Republican states plus swing states Florida and Ohio, he will be president with 271 electoral votes!

Source: Boston Herald

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