Blue State SHOCKER…Trumping Clinton Where NO ONE Expected! – BOOM

Whether or not it’s fair or logical, Iowa is an all-important state when it comes to presidential politics. As Trump continues to catch up to Hillary Clinton in the polls, many are closely watching public opinion in the Buckeye State.

According to one polling firm, Trump is making big gains there, where Obama beat out Romney in 2012:

The latest Emerson College Polling Society poll has Trump leading 44% to 39% for Clinton, with Johnson at 8% and Stein at 1%. Only 8% remained undecided.

While Clinton edged Trump with the female vote 47% to 39%, Trump completely dominates Hillary with the male vote 51% to 30%, a massive 21% margin.

Extremely damning for Hillary is Iowans hold a very poor opinion of her, with 62% viewing her unfavorably compared to only 35% who find her favorable.

Note that Trump’s popularity among women voters is no where near as low as liberal conventional wisdom would have it. Gary Johnson continues to hold onto a small but important number of votes. If he decides to drop out and endorse someone else, it would make a huge difference for either Trump or Hillary.

Source: Truth Feed

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