Bob Beckel’s Fate At ‘The Five’ REVEALED…Fox News Viewers Are Stunned!

To say there are plenty of changes going on in the world right now is an understatement.

Donald Trump’s election is obviously the biggest of all, but factor in the rise of populist parties in socialist Europe and the Brexit referendum and the breadth of change becomes obvious.

However, some things remain the same and in other cases, “everything old is new again.” Did anyone ever think they’d see the return of one of the most volatile liberals on television?

It will be interesting to see how this effects one popular show’s ratings…

Independent Journal Review reports on a surprise announcement from Fox News:

In 2015, Beckel suddenly left ‘The Five’ because he was struggling with addiction to pain medication. But now he’s coming back. And fans of ‘The Five’ won’t need to wait and see when he will return. Beckel will be back tonight, returning as a co-host for the show.

Beckel, who has been with Fox News since 2000, said of his comeback:

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to go home again and join my television family around the table of The Five. I have no doubt it will be a vigorous yet entertaining debate.”

Not all viewers will be delighted at this news. Obviously, a political panel requires participants from both sides of the aisle to provide balance — and, more importantly to producers, the clashing opinions that make for exciting TV.

However, Beckel, who has long struggled with addiction problems, has often done more than disagree. Like so many Democratic strategists, he prides himself on being a belligerent bully, at times defending ridiculous and dangerous left wing policies just to toe the party line.

His tough guy persona can be grating and even tedious to watch. Surely there is one other “Democratic strategist” in America who could fill his chair.

The only possible reason to celebrate this decision is that Beckel inadvertently serves as one of the worst advertisements for liberalism on television today. If he turns off impressionable voters who were thinking of siding with the Dems, then so be it.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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