BOMBSHELL: Dems In Total CHAOS As Convention Nears…Here’s How Hillary Blew It!

With up to 50,000 protesters expected this week in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, there was a lot riding on Hillary to start it off right.  And boy did she mess it up.

The liberal faction of the party, led by Bernie Sanders (who “endorsed” Hillary just last week but remains a candidate), has been watching and waiting to see what she will do—specifically when it comes to her running mate.

Many expected that Bernie wouldn’t get the nod after a bitter primary battle, but that other liberals, such as Elizabeth Warren, would be strongly considered.

Instead Hillary veered toward the center to safety, picking relatively moderate Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.  Then the fireworks began.  AP reports:

It “was a horrible pick,” said Angie Morelli, a Sanders delegate from Nevada. “In a time when she is trying to cater to Sanders supporters, it was more catering to conservative voters and she’s not going to get any wave from it.”

Dwight Bullard, a Florida state senator, said not one of the 70-plus Sanders delegates in his state including himself is happy with Kaine’s selection. He worried that the centrist choice could magnify progressives’ view that Clinton will backtrack on issues important to them, such as climate change and tuition aid for college students.

On Saturday, the Sanders campaign texted its 1,900 delegates to urge them not to miss the meeting with the Vermont senator about “continuing the political revolution,” which it described as the “most important thing” delegates can do that week.

Continuing political revolution? If I was Hillary I would be extremely worried.  Unity seems to be far, far out of her reach for now.  Not only is she not going to get the bump in the polls she was hoping for after a strong Republican Convention showing for Trump, but she may have a revolution on her hands.

A revolution that tanks the socialist, liberal party for good might be just what America needs.

Source: Associated Press

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