BOOM! Cons Secure Senate, House, Presidency…And Now THIS!

Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election has changed the political ball game in Washington.

And it is HUGE news for republicans.

Not only can Trump undo most of president Obama’s unconstitutional edicts, he will also appoint the next supreme court justice.

And, potentially, the next THREE after that.

This will swing SCOTUS dramatically to the right for a long time to come — unless more justices suddenly turn up “dead of natural causes but under mysterious circumstances.”

ABC News provided their opinion on the current status of the court:

 The future of the Supreme Court’s ideological balance proved to be a critical factor for many Republican voters. In exit polls, about 1 in 5 voters said the Supreme Court appointments were “the most important factor” in their decision, and those voters favored Trump by a 57% to 40% margin, according to ABC News.

The Los Angeles Times made a few observations:

Now, the court’s ideological balance should remain largely as it has been for the past decade, with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy holding the deciding vote in the court’s biggest cases.

Kennedy generally leans to the right on issues such as campaign spending, criminal law, the death penalty, religion, business regulation and gun rights. But he has joined the court’s four liberals to uphold gay rights and to protect blacks from housing discrimination.

Most of these are things conservatives and libertarians can agree to with a bit of common sense! But their main priority is preserving Constitutional Rights and preventing an authoritarian government from arising under the control of a dictator who would abuse his power — how we see President Obama has done and predicted Hillary Clinton would have done.

The LA Times further observed:

And Trump’s victory likely guarantees the end of Obama initiatives on immigration and climate change. Conservative judges and an evenly divided high court had put those measures on hold. The court now will soon have a conservative majority to kill those initiatives, assuming they are not repealed first by the Trump administration.

Liberals are worried about what lies ahead. “Longer term, there are real concerns about whether a Supreme Court with two or three Trump-nominated justices would cut back on protections for important fundamental rights and liberties, especially the right of women to meaningfully access abortion,” said Elizabeth Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center. “We could see a court more willing to look out for corporate interests at the expense of consumers and workers or to break with the guarantees of equality for LGBTQ Americans.”

[Trump’s top choices for justices] include Florida Supreme Court Justice Charles Canady, who as a congressman sponsored the federal ban on “partial-birth abortions”; Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen, a former Scalia law clerk; 11th Circuit Court Judge William Pryor from Alabama; 7th Circuit Judge Diane Sykes from Wisconsin and Sen. Mike Lee from Utah.

We hope, that with Trump’s choices for Justice, middle class Americans will no longer have to deal with the morally questionable stranglehold special interest groups like the abortion industry and the LGBTQ have on American culture.

Source: Los Angeles Times 






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