BOOM: Eric Trump Just Dropped The HAMMER…Leaves His Dad SPEECHLESS!

His family has turned out to be one of Donald Trump’s most important campaign assets. All candidates trot out their families at public events, but they tend to stay just outside the spotlight.

However, Donald’s poised, articulate children have been center stage and so far, this has been a net positive for the Trump campaign.

His son Eric Trump is a great example. Appearing on Fox News, he explained his father’s appeal to the average voter:

“Hard-working Americans feel totally left behind by Washington, D.C.,” Eric Trump said on Justice.

“We lost one-third of all our manufacturing jobs. I find it ironic that Hillary spends her life in Los Angeles or the Hamptons [N.Y.]…doing fundraisers” while the elder Trump holds public rallies that draw more the “15 thousand people,” he said.

He also said Clinton is the definition of someone “unfit” to be commander-in-chief.

“Unfit is deleting emails and lying to the Department of Justice and lying to Congress. Unfit is running one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American charitable history,” Trump said.

Watch for that “Ponzi scheme” line to describe the Clinton Foundation take off on social media. It’s the perfect two-word description.

Trump is lucky to have Eric and his other children acting as surrogates, since he can’t be everywhere at once. Seeing them all on the offensive is fun to watch, and bad news for Team Hillary.

Credit: Proud Conservative

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