BOOM: Liberal Thief Tries To Steal Trump Yard Sign…Gets What She DESERVES! [WATCH]

The extreme left is made up of idiots and children. That much is clear, based on their disrespectful, childish, and pathetic behavior.

They blame other people for their problems. They refuse to stand for the National Anthem. They lash out at anyone with a differing opinion, then run and hide in “safe spaces” to avoid retribution. Worse of all, they start riots and violence–the equivalent of temper tantrums–throughout our cities.

During this election one side is clearly more mature, responsible, and willing to do the right thing for our nation. Meanwhile the left act out in disgraceful ways.

This has never been more true in Indianapolis, where a proud Trump support couldn’t put a sign up on his lawn without pathetic, left-wing babies taking it down.

But like all sensible Americans, he had a solution. One that these “progressives” were too stupid to see.

From Conservative Tribune:

As reported by news station WRTV, the first attempt on the resident’s sign occurred within a week of when he placed it on his front lawn.

“I looked out my front door and the sign was lying about four feet over, and it was crumpled up pretty good,” he recalled.

But it still remained on his property due to his rather ingenious idea of tying it in place with fishing wire and string that he then spray-painted green.

Though he managed to stop the first attempted theft, however, he still wanted justice, so he then installed a camera outside to catch any additional would-be thieves.

Not shockingly, the plan worked, as his camera caught the second thief trying to flee with the sign, only to be face-planted onto the ground as she ran out of spring.

Isn’t this so appropriate for the left? They know they can’t stand up to the insight and common sense of the right, so they resort to childish thieving and defacement of private property.

This man’s solution was perfect. The video footage is not to be missed. Watch the whole thing below.

Hey every conservative out there: why don’t you follow this patriot’s example and start sticking it to the childish liberals in your neighborhood?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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