BOOM — McCain’s Globalist Agenda EXPOSED…The Truth Breaks On National TV! [Watch]

In recent days we’ve seen Senator John McCain attempt to undermine our newly elected president.

McCain was one of the most outspoken anti-Trumpers during the election, going almost as far as helping Hillary Clinton get elected. But even though his opposition is not a surprise, he has been one of the few holdouts in a party that has come to embrace Donald Trump.

We can guess at why McCain is so against the outsider populist Trump. McCain was humiliated in 2008 when he couldn’t defeat relative unknown democrat Barack Obama to secure the White House.

But there are other reasons McCain doesn’t like Trump. Surprisingly, Trump is more even-tempered than McCain, who was so eager to go to war with Iran he would chant “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

Even more evidence stacks up when you consider the senator’s globalist connections. Clearly a political insider like McCain would feel threatened by Trump’s America First agenda, which will not McCain’s sponsors overseas happy.

Now another noted outsider is calling McCain on his hypocrisy.

And that was just on TV.  Now the Daily Caller reports that Paul is going after McCain’s globalist brown-nosing:

Sen. Rand Paul harshly criticized sen. John McCain during a Monday morning interview on “The Mike Gallagher Show.”

“There’s been a long standing tradition that when you go over sees you don’t toady up to the sort of socialists in Europe and you say, ‘oh they look down their nose at us and they think they’re better than us,’” the Kentucky Republican stated. “He goes over there and criticizes the president…”

“I have opposed some of the nominees and I will continue to oppose them if I think he’s wrong, but I’m not going to go overseas and bash the president, Republican or Democrat, and play footsies with Europeans.”

Paul praised Trump’s cabinet picks, saying it was the most conservative cabinet he’s ever seen. He even said his EPA pick–Pruitt–was even better than Reagan’s.

It’s really quite shocking to think that a United States senator, a conservative republican to boot, would go overseas to Europe and knock our president. Europe has had a long tradition of dangerous Socialist governments, governments which are currently cause great harm to their people thanks to the migrant crisis.

Now would be a time for U.S. leaders to openly call into question the policies that have brought Europe to such a lowly state, encouraging citizens to elect new leadership. Yet McCain seems to boot lick his Socialist comrades in a deliberate attempt to curry favor for foreigners.

It’s no surprise. Globalists stick together, even when it comes at the cost of insult your own leader and people.

Perhaps it’s time for the people of Arizona to find new representation.

Source: Daily Caller

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