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BOOM! The Hammer DROPS On Black Lives Matter…Look Who’s Going To Prison!
By Faith Braverman|April 26, 2017

The Black Lives Matter movement all began with a lie.

In 2014, the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri was condemned by anti-cop activists, who claimed that Brown had his “hands up” and the cop murdered him in cold blood because of his race.

But the Ferguson shooting was examined by three independent forensic agencies, and all three concluded that the cop acted appropriately and probably saved his own life given that the “unarmed” suspect was 6’4 and weighed 295 lbs.

Despite these facts, the racial tension in America reached a boiling point that spilled out of Ferguson and caused multiple acts of domestic terrorism across the country.

Dawud Abdulwali, born Timothy Roston, was spurred to commit one such terrorist act by Black Lives Matter’s response to Brown’s death.

Abdulwali had a lengthy criminal history spanning more than three decades, and police believe he changed his name and converted to Islam during one of his stints in prison.

The criminal told an acquaintance of his that, “Cops kill my people,” and “We should go do this, we should go burn some [expletive] down … We should go break some windows.”

Abdulwali did just that and set fire to the Da Vinci apartment complex in L.A. in 2014. Now, three years after the fact, he has finally been sentenced to serve 15 years in prison.

From Breitbart:

Dawud Abdulwali, who said the fire was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and his rage against police officers, pleaded no contest to one count of arson and admitted to using an accelerant to start the blaze, according to a statement issued by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office and reported by the Los Angeles Times.

According to local NBC affiliate in Los Angles, Abdulwali was also ordered to pay restitution, which is expected to approach $100 million.

It’s unknown how Abdulwali will pay the fine. Perhaps with his EBT card?

Many are saying that the people who inspired Abdulwali to commit this crime should help pay the millions in property damages.

Abdulwali is responsible for the arson. Black Lives Matter is responsible for Abdulwali.

But Obama is responsible for both.

The former president helped stoke the racial divide via the liberal media, who fabricated the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie about Michael Brown, which in turn fueled the rage of Obama’s domestic armies.

Cities have been burned. Businesses have been destroyed. People have been terrorized, and cops have been assassinated.

While 15 years isn’t nearly the amount of time Abdulwali deserves to spend in prison, he may be out in even less time than that.

If Governor Brown and Senator Deleon have their way, he could be back out in the community in less than 4 years causing more mayhem.

No wonder so many people in California are fleeing the state. It’s literally burning to the ground.

Source: Breitbart

Faith Braverman
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