Boom: Trump Drops Sledgehammer On Cuba – Obama, Communists Are Enraged

We knew that when we elected Donald Trump to the White House, the age of Obama was over. Not just because Barry was leaving the office, but because Trump would undo much of the damage Obama caused to our country.

President Obama consistently let the American people down, with decisions that only hurt the economy, our healthcare, and even foreign relations. Yet the corrupt fake news industry hyped up every bad decision as amazing and wonderful.

We knew better. Thankfully Trump has been working hard to correct Obama’s many errors, including opening up the doors to Communist Cuba.

From USA Today:

President Trump cracked down Wednesday on U.S. travel and business with Cuba, a major step toward rolling back another Obama-era policy.

Under new regulations that take effect Thursday, the Trump administration is banning U.S. citizens from doing business with dozens of entities that have links to Cuba’s military, intelligence and security agencies.

The list includes stores, hotels, tourist agencies and even two rum makers frequently visited by Americans who have flocked to the communist country in recent years.

The Obama administration ended more than 50 years of diplomatic isolation with its Cold War foe in December 2014…

Trump repeatedly questioned this easing of hostilities. He vowed to cut the opening throughout the presidential campaign and claimed in June that the U.S. gave away too much in exchange for too little.

The White House also blamed Cuba for a series of unexplained attacks against U.S. diplomats on the island, prompting the State Department to cut back its staff in Havana and halt the processing of visas for Cubans trying to reach the United States.

As in many other cases, Obama rolled out the red carpet for the bad guys, while punishing the good guys. His toxic, “progressive” agenda rewarded the tyrannical regime of Cuba. He did nothing to help the Cuban people or seek to reduce the pain of their Communist government.

It’s obvious Cuba is not a U.S. ally. The country have been under the control of hostile Communists for decades. The Castro family imprisoned, persecuted, and killed Cubans. They continue to manipulate the country, denying its people basic liberties.

Trump’s not going to roll out the red carpet to enrich this Communist bastion. Unless they change their ways, reforming their society, they won’t benefit from U.S. trade.

The President’s decision won’t leave the Cuban people in the lurch, just companies and groups that ally themselves with the corrupt government. Hopefully in time, Cuba will become a free nation.

Until then, we won’t reward Communism.

Source: USA Today

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