Border Wall Progress Halted By Liberal Roadblock—Until Trump Blows A Hole Through It

President Donald Trump promised voters that a border wall between the United States and Mexico would be a priority of his administration.

While his focus has been pulled in a number of different directions since being sworn in, work continues behind the scenes to make sure that the promise is delivered upon.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that “the expeditious construction of barriers and roads” is about to begin, and the department will be using its authority to bypass environmental laws and other regulations that may stand in the way.

NPR shares the details on what that means.  

By using the waiver, it would be able to avoid the legal requirement to complete an environmental impact study before building on public lands. In fact, the agency says it has “the authority to waive all legal requirements” the Homeland Security secretary deems necessary “to deter illegal crossings in areas of high illegal entry into the United States.”

For starters, DHS will focus on a 15-mile stretch of contiguous land that stretches eastward from the Pacific Ocean. That particular stretch has been ripe with problems, and the DHS helped put that in perspective.

And Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan tells NPR’s Eric Westervelt this portion of the border could certainly be described as one of those areas.

“Last fiscal year 2016, Customs and Border Patrol apprehended more than 31,000 illegal aliens and seized about 1,300 pounds of cocaine just in the San Diego sector alone,” Lapan explains.

That’s a stunning influx of illegal immigrants and dangerous narcotics, so it’s obviously an encouraging sign that efforts will be focused on this stretch from the get-go.

While we can fully expect plenty of faux outrage from the Left, the reality is that a wall is coming – even if it’s only one piece at a time.

Source: NPR

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