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It seems like each day we discover more reasons to protect our nations from the threat of terrorism.

Whether imported from the Middle East or infected like a poison among citizens, radical Islamic terrorism is a constant threat in Western countries. Efforts by President Trump to impose stronger vetting are only a part of the solution, as ISIS and other terrorist networks recruit and warp minds through propaganda online.

While the United States will most certainly get tougher on threats to our national security (thanks to Trump), Europe continues to suffer due to its pathetic leadership. Liberal, Socialist leaders throughout Europe continue to welcome massive amounts of Middle Eastern refugees, who create hostile environments in these countries.

As tensions continue to rise, more and more Muslim people are resorting to violence to send a message of hate to the Western world. This has never been more clear than yesterday when, on the anniversary of the Brussels attack, an attack was made in the heart of London.

While news continues to come out about the attack and his intentions, we are starting to learn about the many victims his reckless and evil actions created.

From Daily Mail:

A 54-year-old father from Utah has been named as one of those killed in Wednesday’s terror attacks in London.

Kurt Cochran, 54, was touring Europe with his wife Melissa to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

They were the first people mowed down by a terrorist on the south end of Westminster Bridge before he drove along it, ploughing through at least 12 people.

Mr Cochran is believed to have either jumped or been pushed over the edge of the bridge onto steps beneath it. He died of his injuries. His 46-year-old wife is recovering in hospital with a broken leg and rib.

She was seen being tended to by a stranger as blood poured from her head immediately after the attacks.

The couple had been enjoying a trip across Europe and had plans to return home a week later.  Their family confirmed Kurt’s death and his wife’s injuries over Facebook, expressing their grief at this shocking tragedy.

Those who were watching the news all day yesterday might remember pictures of a man lying in a landing beside the bridge.  That was Kurt, who was struck so violently, he was thrown from the walkway.

President Trump has now responded to this devastating loss:

So far we know four people who died as a result of the attack, with at least forty seriously injured.

While we can commend the swift and tireless actions of police and first response workers, we still must demand: why are these attacks still happening? After all the lessons learned from 9/11, it seems the West is just lying down so terrorists can kill us.

The irresponsible behavior of EU in letting in millions of migrants will only add fuel to the fire.  Lax policies and political correctness will let potential attacks slip through intelligence nets.  There are many people walking free with designs against America and her allies–people who, if intelligence agencies continue to look the other way.

How many more must die before Europe and the rest of world takes this seriously? What must be done to stem the tide of this kind of evil?

Source: Daily Mail

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