BREAKING: Another Country To Vote Against The Establishment…Liberals Are In MELTDOWN!

Are western nations finally ready to repudiate the disastrous immigration policies perpetrated by national leaders such as Obama and Merkel?  It is possible.  The election of Donald Trump sent a message to US advocates of mass, illegal immigration that the game is over. That’s an excellent start.

We live in a time when benefits promised by governments are so poorly-funded and over-stretched that current and future recipients will never receive what has been promised to them.  And it’s not just governments that have over-promised, either.  Private pension plans are in trouble as well.

Now we see a prospective president of France sending a signal that if elected, illegal immigrants will no longer be able to expect the same benefits as those who arrive in the nation legally, not to mention the natural-born French.

Hence, it is utter lunacy to pour more recipients of government benefits into systems that are already borderline insolvent.  And granting benefits to those who entered a country illegally, takes this lunacy and irresponsibility to new levels.

Here’s what Marine LePen, a former candidate for president of France has proposed:  “Le Pen stated that she didn’t believe children of illegal immigration should receive free education, saying, ‘I think free and compulsory schooling for the children of illegal parents encourages more immigration, which must be stopped.'”

Mrs. LePen, a likely candidate for president of France in the next election continues, “’It’s the end of playtime,’ Le Pen said, according to France24. ‘I think this is fair, as our social protection system and our public services are now overloaded, overwhelmed.'”

Precisely.  Reign in the problem now, or accelerate the date when the entire social services network in France crashes.  It should never have been allowed to get to the size it has, but then we in America need to be careful when criticizing other nations’ socialist fiscal programs and policies.

LePen’s position makes so much sense, it would take a confirmed leftist to dispute it.  Such as the French Education Minister Najat Valluaud-Belkacem who said, “With these words, which I condemn in the strongest terms, Mrs. Le Pen shows her utter indifference to the terrible situation affecting young children. She shows her ignorance of all republican principles and all international conventions of which France is a member.”

You have to wonder how this fellow is going to react when his cushy government pension gets devastated due to his nation’s insolvency?

LePen’s statement that, “our social protection system and our public services are now overloaded, overwhelmed” is as perfect of a commentary on the situation in America as it is in France.  The question is not one of whether decades of profligate fiscal policies pursued by advance social welfare states will result in a collapse.  The issue is one of when.

The hope of the French lies in repudiating leftist politicians, and in electing their own version of Donald Trump.  Could Mrs. LePen be that person?

Source:  The Conservative Tribune

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